Battle Report #3

What happened

All resource bars got a new appearance. I would like to add a nice glow shader one day.

Enter Pumii! Mana bars look like this:


The life bar of enemies changed too and got a nice looking frame:

While the decoration looks cute on Pu, once the battle screen becomes filled with multiple enemies of different sizes it gets messy. That’s why I decided to move all enemy life bars to the right side of the screen.

This is how it looks in action right now:

When a character selects a skill to perform, it becomes visible on the character. The color indicates the type of target (red = enemy, green = ally, blue = self).

Then when it’s her turn:

I still don’t like how it looks, but I got tired of it and will get back to it some other time. Maybe when I added some skill animations.

The biggest timesink was the rework of the focus handling and target selection, which is much much better now. It feels awesome to play the game with a PS3 Controller.

Report over.

Thanks for reading and look forward to Battle Report #4.


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