Battle Report #4

With the intention to improve the battle flow I reworked the Battle Result. Before it has been a separate scene and now it’s inline:

Not directly battle related, but it’s part of a bigger feature which I worked on over the last days. In a nutshell it’s about explorable dungeons. They consist of encounters, secrets, dialogs and more.

There’s a lot more to it than the screens above give away. But I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s one last screenshot.

Recap end.


Battle Report #3

What happened

All resource bars got a new appearance. I would like to add a nice glow shader one day.

Enter Pumii! Mana bars look like this:


The life bar of enemies changed too and got a nice looking frame:

While the decoration looks cute on Pu, once the battle screen becomes filled with multiple enemies of different sizes it gets messy. That’s why I decided to move all enemy life bars to the right side of the screen.

This is how it looks in action right now:

When a character selects a skill to perform, it becomes visible on the character. The color indicates the type of target (red = enemy, green = ally, blue = self).

Then when it’s her turn:

I still don’t like how it looks, but I got tired of it and will get back to it some other time. Maybe when I added some skill animations.

The biggest timesink was the rework of the focus handling and target selection, which is much much better now. It feels awesome to play the game with a PS3 Controller.

Report over.

Thanks for reading and look forward to Battle Report #4.

Battle Report #2

It’s time for a little update. I’ll summarize the most significant changes since the last report.

What happened

I worked on a little ingame tool to help previewing and playing skill animations quickly.


At one time I wanted to implement a Slime enemy, but needed a sprite and didn’t want to wait for the artist. So I decided to draw one and it embarassingly turned out like this:

His expression kinda grew on me, that’s why I decided to create a dedicated species called Smug Slime. Which are Slimes, but more special.


Another area I worked on are the battle tooltips. I experimented and played with Krita until I got bored liked it. I also want to add a frame, but couldn’t work one out yet.


Yesterday I started to rework the Skill Launcher which is the thing where each character places skills on. Now it’s nicely animated and placed in the center of the character instead of on the top. I also moved the bars to the bottom and placed a darkish pattern behind each battler.


But that’s not all… a lot of stuff I can’t put into screenshots like bug fixes and more technical related things were done. I hope to fix the ugly resource bars next.

Thanks for reading and look forward to Battle Report #3.

Battle Report #1

A brief glimpse of the battle system. You can see Hunter killing a Pu-chan…

I’m currently experimenting with visual effects. The cute pink rectangle (an input mask) is going to be replaced next. Skill animations are also missing. Actually, quite a lot is missing.

Look forward to Battle Report #2!


A small teaser screenshot of the current ingame character skills overview. Everything is based on the engine’s default theme and is designed purely on a programmers definition of being functional. The focus of the next weeks lies on revising the theme and menu structure.

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